10 Most Followed YouTube Channels Show What Type of Content Is in Demand

After the rapid development of the internet, everything online has become a profession. There are online video gamers, social media marketers, photographers, and YouTubers. According to a recent survey, kids no longer want to opt for creatively interesting professions like scientists and astronauts, but they want to become famous YouTube stars. The idea of idolizing wars heroes and scientist has been long changed and one of the main contributing factors is the development of the internet.

YouTube's monetization option along with the sponsorship earning is enough for content creators to enjoy a good life however, everyone seems curious about who will be crowned as the king of YouTube. For so many years the crown of most subscribed channel remained reserved for PewDiePie. However, recently, an Indian music channel T-Series has replaced PewDiePie as the new most subscribed channel on YouTube.

Currently, T-Series hold the record of most subscribed YouTube channel with whopping 108 million subscribers beating the second most subscribed comedy channel with 99 million subscribers. For the longest period PewDiePie was the most subscribed channel, however, the owner (Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg) faced major scandal when he inappropriately commented about Jews and Hitler, to further, add fuel to the fire, he also took multiple jabs on small YouTubers and their channels followed by one of the most viewed diss fights on YouTube.

On the other hand, Indian music channel worked really hard to reach the second-highest number of subscriber whoever, as the competition grew it received hype internally. Everyone was looking forward to seeing what might happen and who will eventually win. Indian channel opted to hire various new musicians and old musician to encourage the users to subscribe to the channel of T-series which won them a lot of subscribers and they ended up beating PewDiePie. Although, fellow YouTube channels like Kjellberg tried to stop T-series and helped PewDiePie retain the record of the most subscribed channel by using various tactics but failed. One of the stunts included holding up a signboard during the super bowl 2019 whereas, another tactic was to publish diss tracks.

The top ten most subscribed YouTube channel includes some of the famous comedy channels, gaming channels, and music channels. The list of these channels has been listed below:

1. T-series

2. PewDiePie

3. 5-Minute Crafts

4. Cocomelon

5. SET India

6. Canal KondZilla

7. WWE

8. Justin Bieber

9. Dude Perfect

10. Badabun

10 most-subscribed YouTube channels
Chart: Statista.

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