Is your USB port dirty? Android 10 will notify you if it is!

Google has recently released the latest version of its operating system – Android 10 and just as we anticipated, the new system comes with a host of new features including dark mode, gesture navigation, etc.

However, some features, part of the Android 10 system have not yet seen the limelight. This includes the Contamination Detection feature that tells you if the USB port has dirt.

Contamination Detection

The contamination detection feature on Android 10 will automatically disable the USB port on your smartphone if it detects debris or liquid in it. The feature will also notify the user through vibration and notification – allowing them to clean before enabling the USB port.

You can also ignore the message and manually turn the USB port back on by selecting the “Enable USB” option that is included in the notification.

Hat Tip: Xda-developers.


Interestingly, the operating system will also alert you if the USB port is overheating and ask you to disconnect any charging cable or an accessory that is attached – allowing the device to return to its normal/optimal temperature.

Uninstall screen

Google has also included an Uninstall Screen feature in its latest operating system. The feature is called the Uninstall Screen feature and is available in the Battery Usage settings for the screen.

However, there is no detailed information available regarding the feature and we will have to wait for the official explanation to find out more.

All the above-mentioned features are currently available for devices compatible with Android 10. Give them a try and let us know your experiences.

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