With time, the dreams of UK and US kids changed from being Astronauts to being YouTubers

It’s been 50 years since a Saturn V rocket was launched from Kennedy space center with Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins in it. They were the people who inspired millions of people to become scientists and engineers.

Project Apollo was the third program which succeeds in landing the first humans on the moon. This program inspired millions of young people to pursue a career in STEM fields. Although now it seems that this legacy is coming to its end.

A survey by The Harris Poll

LEGO asked The Harris Poll to survey the children of the United States, China, and the United Kingdom to analyze their interests in the field of space.

According to the survey, kids these days find more interest in becoming YouTubers than in any spaceflight.

According to the survey, about 3 in 10 American children wanted to be YouTubers or Vloggers and others preferred the professions as a teacher, athlete or musician. Becoming an astronaut ranked last among all other professions.

As stated by the report of the survey, children in china prefer the profession of becoming an astronaut as compared to other professions. The young people of china hold high expectations for human settlement in space as compared to others.

The reason behind the western kids lacking interests in Space field

Although it’s not sure we guess that the children of America grew up in a society where they were already recognized as the first people to land on the moon and when you grow with something that’s already there, you lose your interest in it.

LEGO’s attempt to keep the space legacy alive

LEGO is still trying various techniques to bring back the interests of young people in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields by introducing different education programs. On the 11th Anniversary of Apollo, this survey by The Harris Poll took place and now LEGO is starting various programs and recently created a team of designers and LEGO “Master Builders” who spent more than 300 hours to create a LEGO model of Aldrin on the moon.

Kids in Britain and America would much rather be content creators than astronauts

Bottom Line

Although LEGO is trying hard to keep the legacy of Space alive it still depends more on the youth now that whether they will find it interesting in the following years or lose all the interest in it.

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Featured photo: SWNS - South West News Service
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