Instagram is expected to be a platform full of advertisements and no one is questioning it at all

Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms on the internet. It used to be a space for a variety of influencers, creators and advertisers, all having their own shared spaces. Now, when you’re busy thinking about new places to explore and post on Instagram there is something going on with Instagram behind the curtains. This online media sharing app is a huge revenue-generating platform for its parent company Facebook.

Instagram will be showing twice more advertisements than usual

One of the quickest ways to earn money is through advertisements. According to TheInformation, Facebook requested Instagram to display twice as many advertisements to its users. According to Alex Heath, this order was given last year and now it’s finally happening.

Explore category of Instagram shows the accounts with organic reach and which Instagram feels related to users’ interests. Now according to a recent development, ads will be shown on Instagram Explore page which 50% of users access at least once in a month.

Statement by Instagram

According to Instagram, users search for brands whether to shop or look for the latest trending products. People look for the brands on their interests on Instagram and this Explore can help users connect with businesses and products they might find interesting. In the following months, Instagram will be launching ads in Explore feed to make it easy for users to connect with the brands they like.

When a user clicks on a picture or a video in Explore, they might experience ads the same as in the main feed. Instagram still enables users with more control over the ads they want to see and can easily take actions against the ads they don’t want it their feeds.

The core purpose of the team of Instagram is launching ads in Explore is to make this platform the best place for users to discover new trends and businesses who might be interesting for customers.

Additional changes by Facebook

There are still so many users who don’t know that Instagram and WhatsApp are owned by Facebook. So, to let these social apps look more connected to the parent company Facebook is now planning the name of Instagram and WhatsApp. These two apps will soon be renamed as “Instagram from Facebook” and “WhatsApp from Facebook”. The idea behind this change is to make all the apps owned by Facebook look connected.

In January NYT revealed that Facebook wants to enable users to easily chat and pass messages from Instagram to WhatsApp and Facebook seamlessly. All conversations sent between these social apps will remain encrypted so that only the sender and recipient can see them. Now users will be seeing the new names in Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store as well. This new step to change the name of these apps is to clear out the connectivity of Facebook with its products and services.

Bottom Line

Facebook clearly owns the most famous social media platforms. The strategy to introduce more ads in the Explore of Instagram is to generate more revenue and the attempts to display connectivity of the social apps with Facebook is to enable users to easily chose whichever app they prefer to communicate with friends and family.

Photo: Carl Court/Getty Images

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