Concerns rose with Instagram’s new Explore Ads

Instagram is the platform for all sorts of influencers and content creators. It is one of the most popular platforms among social media users of all ages. After Facebook, Instagram is considered the most growing platform with a huge variety of users from all over the world.

People try different sorts of techniques to get fame and to generate revenue for their content. Different marketers use various techniques and create unique content to get their content featured on Explore feed.

Explore page brings more opportunities to marketers, a section where users are discover new products or brands base on their interests and can discover content from accounts they don’t follow.

Organic reach is one of the major keys to get your content shown in the Explore page of Instagram. People use a variety of technique to get organic reach and by that they get their content displayed to a variety of users from all over the world.

Explore Ads launch

Recently, Instagram confirmed that it's working on introducing Ads for users in Explore section. With this new feature, digital marketers and advertisers can easily pay to get their content reached on the Explore without worrying about anything else. This new update marks a significant expansion of ad placements far beyond Instagram stories or the traditional feed. If you notice that gradual coincidence that this new advancement comes at same time when Facebook has become more dependent on Instagram for its ad revenue growth.

US Facebook and Instagram Net Ad Revenues, 2016-2021 (billions)
Source: eMarketer.

Ads on Explore page will function differently than ads from feed and in stories. Users won’t see sponsored posts while scrolling through Explore through Grid. Ads will appear only when the user taps on a post and scrolls through the Explore feed.

Another feature is that Explore ads also give the user the ability to purchase products directly through the app. The explore page has a specific shopping category and Explore ads will likely appeal to marketers who are looking to utilize app’s social commerce features.

Concerns about the limitation of organic reach

The Explore ads also raise concerns regarding the limitation of organic reach which some people state is already happening in the Instagram feed. When products are introduced by ads in the Explore, it could become more difficult for small content creators to get their content to appear in Explore organically. With the similar experience of marketers with Facebook ads, it is highly expected that marketers need to pay to reach consumers on Instagram whether in Explore or in the feed.

Instagram’s ad revenues are increasing more rapidly than any other social media platforms so it is understandable that the company would want to introduce as many ad placements as possible.

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