Facebook to launch new looks of its owned social media apps

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms and it keeps on spreading through the purchase of various other social apps. We all heard the news of Instagram and WhatsApp being owned by Facebook and they still have their old logo and Facebook is trying out different strategies to rebrand these apps to make them look connected to Facebook too.

Rebranding of Facebook-owned Apps

Facebook, the parent company of WhatsApp and Instagram, is rebranding these apps so that even common users can recognize them. The core reason for Facebook to rebrand these apps is to let people know that these apps are also from the largest social network owned by Facebook.

Bertie Thomson, a Facebook spokeswoman informed media outlets that the new rebranded apps will say “Instagram from Facebook” and “WhatsApp from Facebook”

This rebranding will appear on Instagram’s and WhatsApp’s login screens and in the about/descriptions of these apps in the App store.

Response from Facebook

According to Facebook the core purpose of this rebranding is to let people know clearly about the products and services that are owned by Facebook. This new update is rolling out slowly step by step and will spread everywhere with time. Although WhatsApp and Instagram were purchased a long time ago but a majority of users still don’t know about it and this rebranding will deliver this news to all sort of consumers.

This phase of rebranding owned apps comes at the same time when Facebook is being investigated for antitrust concerns. The core theme of this rebranding is to enable people to use Facebook Messenger, Instagram direct message and WhatsApp without the issues of switching apps.

Over the past years, Facebook has been dealing with various privacy and security issues. WhatsApp and Instagram were not a part of this scandal due to separate names and were able to operate independently without the blame of Facebook on them but not anymore, with the new change in these apps in future every scandal Facebook goes through these will most probably face the same.

Bottom line

Facebook launched this rebranding of owned apps to let its users know about the parent company but the majority of users are confused and shocked about the discovery of this new update. Although for now the core purpose of Facebook is to let people know about its owned apps but in future, if one app becomes a part of a scandal most probably others will be blamed too.

Facebook owns Instagram and WhatsApp and it want to be more transparent about it
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