Instagram Users are Getting Frustrated with their Accounts Getting Shadowbanned without any Reason!

The fact that Instagram still lacks an effective content moderation team and algorithm and has poorly investigated cases at multiple occasions is now bothering users on the platform, especially those with a decent following. The number of times users have got their accounts temporarily or completely banned for not even violating the guidelines, is simply uncountable at this stage.

What’s even worse than lousy investigation is that most of the times, the affected user isn’t even provided a proper explanation for the action taken against them.

Upon labeling something as offensive, Instagram generally shadowbans the account of the user in question. In case you are unaware, getting shadowbanned completely or partially reduces the reach of a user’s posts and limit the sharing capability for some time. Although, a shadowbanned user will still be able to surf the platform normally but they will notice a significant decline in posts’ engagement.

One of the most recent examples of Instagram taking action without properly investigating all the details, was brought up by a Reddit user who claimed that Instagram took down one of their posts and shadowbanned their account. Although the post was reinstated as it was in accordance with the guidelines, the shadowban wasn’t lifted even after many hours passed.

The Reddit post attracted a decent amount of attention with various users complaining about getting shadowbanned, some for a reason and some without one. The affected user accounts who previously had a reach of over one million per week can now only reach around a hundred thousand users/followers. Moreover, there is no word yet regarding their ban being lifted in the near future.

A Reddit user who is a photographer brought up how their (and their friends’) accounts were shadowbanned even though none of their posts violated any community standards/guidelines. They also pointed out how they were given no explanation about the ban and that there are no ways to know for sure why a shadowban is implemented or how to remove it.

According to the same user, the shadowbanning spree might be due to Instagram testing a new version where the like and follower count can be hidden to reduce the sense of competition and put focus on the quality of content.

Meanwhile, a lot of social media users also complaining about the repeated unfair shadow-bans on Twitter:

Additionally, there are no proper ways to directly reach out to Instagram to present a case and receive a response. The inability to receive appropriate help from Insatgram support continues to be a big problem.

However, the media-sharing service has announced that it will soon be implementing new rules for posts/accounts that violate the set policies of the platform. The accounts whose violation reaches a certain number in a specific time period will be shut down. The number of violations and the specific time period will not be disclosed to maintain the effectiveness of these rules.

Not only that but accounts at the verge of being taken down will be notified by the company and they will then be given an option to appeal against the company’s decision, from within the app. Here’s hoping that the new rules come into effect soon so that users who have been punished without any reason can appeal against the verdict and get their bans and suspensions lifted.

Instagram Shadowbanning Users without any Reason and Internet is reacting.
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  1. Hey, you don’t get shadowbanned for tagging a shadowbanned account. And you can’t be sure if that acc is actually shadowbanned. There’s been an overall drop in story views lately. IG is cracking down on mass views. What about your posts? Are they still reaching enough users?

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