Google Photos Can Now Read Through the Text in The Image

Searching on Google Photos means knowing the keyword that will bring in the document related to the keyword but not anymore. Google now has a powerful optical character recognition (OCR) filter that can not only read through the picture but also through the text in the images. Previously Google could only categories the picture which means that a picture with a sky, mountain, trees, and car will show up in case the user searches with any of the given keywords. However, now even on searching the text that is mentioned in the picture, the image will show up. Google Photos has announced to add this service by the end of this month hopefully.

To announce this exciting new addition, Google broke the news through their official Twitter account after one of the users spotted the new feature and tweeted about it. Now when the user will search for a suitable keyword that is mentioned as a text in the image, Google will be able to pull the same image. Moreover, the new feature not only read the tags and texts but the feature is so sophisticated that it doesn’t miss a word no matter how small it is or even if it is written at an angle. Moreover, the feature seems to be very sensitive towards screenshots and the images with texts.

This addition is considered to be one of the most welcomed features because now Google Photos search will become ideal for documents, any saved passwords of things that most of the users take screens shots of. This exciting new addition works for web users, iOS as well as for Android. This feature has already been rolled out in most of the devices which means you can check it right away.

Photo: SOPA Images via Getty Images

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