Instagram Rolls out a Donation Sticker in the United Kingdom!

Instagram has been on a roll recently. It has been working on some really cool and needed features as of late. The latest addition to Instagram’s extensive set of features is being praised by users.

Social Media Consultant Matt Navarra recently shared a tweet in which he mentioned about Instagram launching a donation sticker to the UK users, the feature was initially launched for US users, back in April. He shared screenshots as well, showing the newly introduced feature in its full glory.

For those interested to find out how the donation option will work, it will allow non-profit organizations and their supporters to launch a fundraiser on Instagram Stories. The fundraiser will expire along with the Story in 24 hours.

While the Fundraiser is live, users will be able to donate through the Donation sticker without having to leave the app. Instagram has also assured its users that all of the money raised through this feature will go to the non-profit.

Once the Story of the user or non-profit who has launched the fundraiser, is visited, there will be an option to Donate. Users can either decide the donation amount themselves or choose from one of the options displayed on the screen. After successfully making the donation, a receipt will be sent to the user on their email address.

Instagram launches donation sticker in the UK  It allows nonprofits and their supporters to create a 24-hour fundraiser on Instagram Stories.  Using the donation sticker, supporters can give without leaving Instagram. 100% of money raised goes to the nonprofit.

As long as this feature doesn’t get targeted by bad actors, it can help in making a lot of positive changes and demonstrating the true power of Social Media.

It remains to be seen whether Instagram has plans for rolling out this feature in other countries or not. As of now, it is best for us to observe how it fares in the UK. Stay tuned for any potential updates in this story.

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