Instagram Tests Out New “Suggested Photos” Feature

One of the main goals of Instagram’s activities over the course of the past few years has involved trying to make it so that the image sharing platform can become a viable place for content to be uploaded. Instagram has been trying to turn itself into a content sharing platform on par with the likes of YouTube and Snapchat for quite some time now, and not all of its attempts have been as successful as it would have liked them to be.

Instagram TV (IGTV) has been going along at a fairly consistent pace but it has failed to make the kind of splash that Instagram might have been hoping for. Still, a few content creators have started posting on the platform which means that there is hope yet for Instagram and that in the future perhaps even more influencers would be willing to share their creations on Instagram for the purpose of gaining access to a new audience that they perhaps would not have been able to take advantage of if they hadn’t experimented with this new platform.

This last part is of particular importance. If Instagram wants content creators and influencers to start using its platform more often, it needs to show them that the platform itself could potentially give them access to a lot more people than would have been the case otherwise. Instagram needs to therefore add features that would help with the dissemination of content, and a content suggestion feature is just the sort of thing that the image sharing platform needs in order to establish some legitimacy in the world of content creation and sharing.

This is probably why, as spotted by Jane Manchun Wong, Instagram is experimenting with a new feature that it is referring to as “Suggested Photos”. The exact function of this feature is not exactly known at this point in time, but it would be fair to assume that it would be used to spread influencer content and display it to a potential audience that would be interested in what the influencer or content creator in question has to offer.

Whether or not this would successfully lead to more influencers and content creators taking up the platform remains to be seen, but the attempt is a decent one and it could very well lead to some positive results.

Instagram is testing "Suggested Photos" section in the new Post Creation Camera Roll Picker
Photo: Wongmjane / Twitter

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