Instagram Is Experimenting With Two New Features; Stories About You And Improved Search Layout

Instagram to introduce two new features; a new Stories mention Listing and layout for Searches.

Instagram has been one of the most downloaded social media apps and has millions of users. To keep the users engaged, the platform has introduced two new changes for its platform; a notification listing for Stories' Mentions and a new layout for recent searches.

Instagram Stories is one of the most popular features of the platform, and considering this, Instagram is now working on adding a new notification tool. The purpose of it would be to increase user engagement and keep people up to date about the mentions in Stories.

The new tool in progress will be ‘Stories About You' listing that will show all the stories you have been mentioned in, in a separate list.

Jane Machen Wong, a reverse engineering expert, discovered this tool which is still in the testing phase. A section will be created where a user has been mentioned or tagged by someone else in Stories. It will be separate from the general notification section

This feature does not have something new to offer to the general public as notification about tags or mentions is already sent to users. Instead, users with lots of followers will be benefited as their notifications will be sorted out and easy to respond to relevant alerts. This will be useful for brands as well to check their mentions and categorize their different activities on the platform.

The other change in Instagram is the layout for recent searches. When a user taps on the search bar, a new horizontal section would appear showing the latest searches on the account by the user. With this new layout, users would easily be able to differentiate between recent searches and popular searches. Previously, a vertical list of recent searches was shown.

In last few months, the back-end code discoveries by Wong have been proved to be accurate and were announced soon after. Hopefully, these features will also be correct, and soon, the platform will announce them officially.

There are around 500 million active users of Instagram stories on a daily basis. It is a new prime sharing option for a large number of people, and thus Instagram has all the right reasons to focus on their this particular feature.

Instagram Is Testing Two New Features; Stories About You And Improved Search Layout
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