Fake NSFW Instagram Accounts Run by Bots Becoming Harder to Detect

You have probably gotten a message from a bot or some other kind of fake account at some point over the course of your usage of Instagram, and the fact of the matter is that when you think about it these bots really do have a tendency to be a real nuisance.

This is why Instagram has tried its best to try and detect the bots, and for the most part the image sharing platform has been quite successful at making it so that the bots are not able to get as wide an audience as would have been the case otherwise which has helped make Instagram a slightly more user friendly and family friendly place all in all.

However, the fact of the matter is that the porn bots that annoy you with DMs are getting more intelligent and are thus becoming a lot more difficult to detect all in all. There are a number of tricks that these bots are using in order to evade detection, with one of the most common techniques being that they are adding spaces between the letters of their names which makes the more obviously adult oriented names harder to detect.

These bots are also eschewing profile pictures or they are distorting their profile pictures in some way so that Instagram cannot detect them, and the only way these bots are trying to contact you is by direct messaging (DM) you and informing you that nudes are available for sale.
"As discussed in a VICE piece about the money trail behind Instagram porn bots, the goal of the intermediary pages is to get male Instagram users to sign up for adult dating and webcam services. These services themselves rely on affiliate programs to bring in new users."

"As long as Instagram has such a high volume of active users, it will continue to be a haven for porn bot scammers. After all, just as advertisers flock to social networking services like Instagram looking to capitalize on all of the eyeballs affixed to their screens, one should expect scammers won’t be far behind." explained Satnam Narang in a blog post on Tenable.
Instagram will have to come up with new ways to detect these bots as they start to become better at hiding in plain sight.

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