Instagram Adds a Birthday Feature to Ensure that Users get the "Right Instagram Experience"

As Instagram continues to introduce exciting features and strives to become the king of Social Media, it is tightening up its policies as well. This is being done in order to attract advertisers and ensure that users get the “Right Instagram Experience”.

The latest change was spotted by renowned Social Media App Researcher Jane Manchun Wong. She discovered the change while inspecting the app’s code.

Wong posted on Twitter that Instagram would now require users to provide their birthdays. However, it will remain hidden to their followers and will be visible to the user alone.

Wong also attached a screenshot of the code snippet featuring the recent change. The code description clearly states that the reason behind asking users to provide their birthdays is only to provide them with the right Instagram experience.

Additionally, a new artwork for the birthday feature also exists and if the final look is as per the screenshot, it should be a lit-up cupcake with balloons floating around it.

The purpose of the birthday feature is also to prevent underage users from getting signed up to the platform, provided that they honestly fill out their birthday details.

As mentioned above, your birthday will only be visible to you and you will find it in your Personal Information Account Settings.

The code snippet also shows that users will be given an option to learn more about why they would have to provide their birthdays.

While some people believe this change to be a strategy on Instagram’s part in order to win the trust of advertisers, it can’t be denied that the feature will certainly play its part in making the platform a comparatively safer place for the users.

You can attempt to sign up to Instagram to check out whether the feature is live or not. If not, it shouldn’t take much longer now before it gets rolled out publicly.

Beware, New users who're underage and honest about their birthdays will not be allowed to sign up on Instagram
Photo: Jannoon028 / Freepik

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