How UNILAD, LADbible and 9gag create the most engaging posts on Facebook?

What makes the post most viral over Facebook? The tricks, hacks, and strategies behind the posts of top five viral publishers, LADbible, UNILAD, 9gag, The Dodo and VT were analyzed by Newswhip to see what drives the most engagements.

These publishers are known for creating, meme-able, and highly shareable content that rapidly gets viral on the platform. Every month, one of these publishers makes its position in the top twenty most engaging creators on Facebook.

From January 1 to August 13, 2019, the content of these publishers on their websites and Facebook was analyzed.

The number of engagements on LADbible and UNILAD’s site is less than half of the engagement on their Facebook pages. Whereas, 9gag, The Dodo, and VT have four times on engagement on their Facebook pages than their websites. All of these publishers have directed their focus on Facebook engagements instead of directing traffic to their respective sites.

Engagement on viral Facebook Pages - chart

The top ten articles with the most engagements on these sites have more than 1 million interactions. Except for one, all the top ten articles belong to UNILAND and LADbible only. Last year LADbible bought its biggest rival, UNILAD but they are still run as two different businesses. However, in terms of Facebook engagement, LADbible is leading above all other top 5 publishers.

top 10 most engaged articles on viral sites

Babies, animals, and baby animals make the most engaging top ten posts on Facebook. A doggo strapped to the chest of its owner and pedaling the bike is so far the most engaging video/post of 2019. Within a minute, it managed to get more than a million likes, 200k comments, and 700k shares.

top 10 most engaged posts on viral Facebook Pages

All these publishers have their separate strategies, whereas the aim of creating a trending and viral content is the common agenda of all.

9gag focuses the most on sharing images, making 99% of the image posts on Facebook. While the video makes the dominant form of content on all top five publishers. VT posted 6,264 and LADbible posted 4,154 videos during the period of analysis. However, the length of video varies, without any correlation in between.

What viral Pages posting on Facebook

The content shared is mostly happy and positive. The top ten commented posts also feature babies and pet animals except for three posts that had adult humans in them, like the sad day at work, just livin’ in 3019 and a trippy makeup look.

top 10 most commented posts on viral Facebook Pages

The lessons that traditional publishers can learn from the insights of these leading online publishers are:

1. Relevant content is the king. Though pets and babies cannot work for all as it did for these publishers, but things that renovate with general public goes a long way.

2. Emojis pay an important role as in the top 100 engaging posts by publishers, 97% of them had emojis included in their description. Emojis help users know more about the posts or what should they expect, like either a sad or funny post.

3. Keep in mind what the audience expects. The followers of these publishers know the type of content they would be seeing or what they have to offer. If the audience knows what to expect, it can increase the overall engagement of the content.

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