Video calling loved ones in low light can be pretty annoying right? Not anymore!

We’ve seen the technology evolve from a single website on the internet to billions of websites available online. Every day a new product is launched just to bring ease for the users. Earlier days, it was very difficult to get in touch with loved ones living far away from home. It started with sending each other letter which evolved to text and the new technology replaced texts with audio and video calls. Now it is way more easy to talk to friends and family and even see them via video call.

Video calling apps made it easy for people to connect with their loved ones living away from them. Sometimes we receive video calls from friends or family during a power outage or most of the time it’s us being so lazy to get up and turn on the light. The grainy video due to low light can be pretty annoying right? Well, that is about to change.

Just like so many other social media platforms, Google also launched its video calling mobile app for Android and iOS users. Last year, we were informed about the new low light fight Google was working on.

Google is now finally making it official with its launch on Android and iOS this week. Yes, you heard it right. Google is finally launching a new light mode feature for its Google Duo app.

Low light video calling was a major problem especially for Google’s Next Billion Users who were not privileged with better lighting options. With this new update this week, Google is finally solving this low light issue for all of its users.

Wondering how will it work in low light?

According to Niklas Blum, Senior Product Manager, Google Duo, when there is low light mode active on user devices, the Duo app will automatically try to spot people in poor lighting surrounding and adjust accordingly. Google also shared a demo regarding the working of Duo’s low light feature. This low light effect may vary depending on phone camera’s quality and the amount of low light available in the surrounding.

If you’re still confused whether it will be a good update or not just stop right there. Google has a remarkable history of making dark scenes clearly visible with Night Sight on its devices like Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a. So we have a high expectation towards Google Duo’s low light mode that it might provide impressive results under the right situation.

This feature will be releasing on both Android and iOS devices later this week. Although there was no mention regarding the availability of this new update on Duo’s web client or smart displays. The latest low light mode for Google Duo was spotted in version 60. So Google might enable this new feature through a server-side change instead of bringing a new update to the app.

Bottom Line

Google is a platform known for its remarkable services with its unique products so people have high expectations for Google Duo’s new feature. ‘Fingers crossed’.

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