Facebook Page Reach to also Count Reach from Stories Now!

If it hasn’t been stressed enough already, perhaps the latest move by Facebook will surely convince you that the Social Media Giant is fully planning on transitioning to Stories. It makes sense considering the high user engagement of the feature as well as the advertisers’ interest in it.

Over the last several months, Facebook has been testing out several cool features for Stories across its family of apps. The reason behind Facebook putting so much work into Stories is to bring it to the attention of its users.

The most recent development in Facebook’s pursuit of making Stories an integral part of the app, was spotted by Social Media Consultant Matt Navarra. According to one of his latest tweets, Page reach will now also include reach from stories.

In case you are unaware, Facebook reach is the number of individual users that came across your content. There are different kinds of reach such as organic, paid and viral.

Earlier, the reach only counted the number of people who had saw the concerned page’s posts on their feed. Now, the stories that are accessible to the people will also count in the particular Page’s reach.

Thus, it is now fairly obvious that Facebook is going all-out in making Stories an important part of its platform and urging its users to focus on the feature as well. It will be interesting to see how the recent change affects a Page’s performance and total reach.

Photo: LUIS ACOSTA via Getty Images

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