Google Docs updated with new fonts – aims to improve reading speed of readers

On Tuesday, Google announced that it is adding a new set of “Lexend” fonts to Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. The aim of the update is to make reading process a bit easier on the user’s respective devices.

Google claims that the font has been selected based on research, which states that the size of the font, spacing, and stretch can make the content more understandable and even enhance the reading speed of the viewer.
"We now offer eight different Lexend font families that have varied widths and spacing, so users can choose the font style that’s best for their reading speed.", announced G Suite team in a blog post. Adding further, "This can be particularly helpful for educators who want to leverage new tools that can improve reading among their students, especially those who are sensitive to visual crowding."
The search giant partnered with typographic designer Thomas Jockin to create the new fonts.

There is a catch though – the font works best when customized to your specific reading speed. However, there is no ‘fluency test’ available for choosing the ideal size as advertised on the font’s site.

To find out more about the font and its functions, check out the interview with the creator published on the Medium blog here.

You can also add the new fonts to your library with ease by using the font picker on the services offered by Google via menu bar > Font > More fonts and searching for Lexend – then choosing the one you prefer.

The new font might not be preferred for all users. But if you can track down your boss’s reading speed, you must check the new font out and make sure he actually reads the content that you work so hard on. Good luck!

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