Annoyed to use Facebook’s bright screen at night? Not any more!

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms to provide a huge variety of services to users from all over the world. Facebook is a social media app that is used for not only entertainment purposes but also to avail different sorts of opportunities too. The core purpose of the team of Facebook is to provide a unique and user-friendly interface to engage a variety of audience.

Even though Facebook is a platform loved by all, but sometimes it becomes difficult to use it at night. The bright vivid colors of Facebook interface help users to easily operate this platform during the day time but using this same app while lying on bed at night becomes unbearable due to its bright screen.

Facebook working on new designs

Since the beginning of 2019, Facebook introduced “FB5” design and keeps on rolling out more updates in it. This new design makes the interface of the app look very bright so it becomes difficult to use this app during the night and this can be harmful to user’s eyesight too.

There comes a moment when after a specific amount of usage the same white interface becomes unbearable to even watch. There’s no need to worry because according to our favorite app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, the FB5 design will be updating soon with a dark mode feature. Facebook is currently working on Dark theme for its smartphone users. Several Android and iOS users came across the unreleased Dark Mode feature in Facebook’s mobile app. According to Wong, Facebook recently started working on the Dark Mode feature to bring ease for its user eyesight.

Currently, the Dark Mode feature is in the early stage of its working and only some specific parts of the app are supporting this Dark Mode feature at the moment like the dark text on a dark background but it will be launched soon supporting the full version of the mobile app.

Bottom Line

Facebook is a platform that always tries to bring unique content and to help its users in all the ways possible. This Dark Mode feature is currently in the development stage and no doubt with the popularity of night modes, it will not take Facebook a lot of time to launch this option in upcoming updates.

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