Facebook Introduces a Slideshow Option for Stories!

Ever since Facebook introduced the Stories feature to its family of apps, it has been working constantly on the feature to make it the center of attention. Advertisers’ interest in the Stories has led to Facebook testing out various ways to make the feature stand out among others.

News about the most recent update to the feature was shared by Social Media Consultant Matt Navarra on Twitter. According to him, Facebook for iOS has added a Slideshow option for the Stories.

According to the screenshot shared by Navarra, the Slideshow option will allow users to select a set of media files from their camera roll. Once the selection is done, the files will be added to the user’s story, probably in the same order in which they were selected.

After the Story is uploaded, the user’s friends and followers will be able to view the slideshow. The presentation will be identical to how multiple stories are presented.

As of now, the feature is only expected to remain in iOS. If the initial feedback is positive, we can surely expect it to branch out to Android and Facebook’s other Apps as well. iOS users are encouraged to try out the Slideshow feature for Stories any time now and post their thoughts about it.

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