Facebook helps to identify which of your groups are private

Facebook, on Wednesday, announced that it would be updating its group privacy settings and making the classifications of groups easy to understand. Currently, a group on Facebook is categorized as either Public, Closed, or Secret.

As the names imply, a Public group is open and visible to all while to access Closed groups, the users require permission from the moderators. Lastly, to join Secret groups, they need a direct link from other users to enter the portal.

However, the former method was getting confusing for the users and therefore, the social media giant is simplifying it by only keeping to broad classifications – Private and Public. According to Facebook, the change will help users get a better idea about the privacy of the groups they are part of.

"Nothing has changed with how privacy or policies work in groups. We’re making this change because we heard that people want more clarity about their groups’ privacy settings. We want to make sure that privacy settings are clear and understandable for everyone.", explained Facebook community and admin education team in a blog post. Adding further, "This update will begin rolling out to admins in the next few weeks, and then to group members in the following weeks. Closer to the update, your members will receive in-app messaging with more information on the updated name of the group’s privacy level."

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