Facebook Testing Out Detailed Statistics for Stories

If you are an influencer or just someone that wants to know how much social traction they are getting after posting their stories up on Facebook, you probably check out the statistics that Facebook offers. It turns out that Facebook is testing out a more detailed version of these statistics that will give you a great deal more information.

According to a screenshot shared by Kerem and Matt Navarra, the first bit of information you will get is that you will see just how many unique accounts have viewed your story. You will also be told about how many forward taps, backward taps, forward swipes and exits your stories have seen which will end up giving you a much better idea of how well your content is doing and whether or not people are actually finding it good enough to watch for extended periods of time.

The statistics will also gauge engagement. You will get a total number of reactions along with page visits that you go as a result of your stories. Shares and replies are also going to be shown here so you can use statistics to help ascertain how closely you need to start interacting with the people that are watching your stories in general.

These more detailed statistics will make it more likely that influencers and content creators are going to want to start using Facebook Stories, and it’s all a part of Facebook’s attempts to make their stories more popular among users so that Snapchat’s popularity decreases eventually leading to Facebook being able to capture the market that Snapchat has had such a firm grip over for such a long period of time.

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