Facebook Finally Rolls out a "Preview" Option for Page Posts!

If you are a Facebook Page Admin, you should remember being nervous at more than one occasion before publishing a post. The fear of missing errors before posting must have definitely caught up to you, especially if your page has a decent amount of followers. Of course, the errors can be fixed after the post has already been published but it’s better to ensure perfection beforehand.

Luckily for us, Facebook has finally taken notice of our concerns and has rolled out a “Preview” feature for Page posts. The option was spotted by social media researcher Matt Navarra who took to Twitter to post about the new addition. Just to clarify, the feature is now available for all Page Admins.

Facebook Finally Rolls out a "Preview" Option for Page Posts! Source: https://twitter.com/MattNavarra/status/1163806897742286849

Navarra also shared a screenshot showing the “Preview” option in action. Once the post is ready to be posted, the Publisher can select the preview option to see how it will appear after being posted. The “Preview” button will appear next to the “Share Now” button.

Once the Admin decides to preview the post, they will be presented with two options. They can either select “Mobile Preview” or “Desktop Preview” to see how the post will appear in both forms.

Facebook Finally Rolls out a "Preview" Feature for Page Posts!

It’s strange that such a useful and needed feature took this long to be implemented. Better late than never however and it will surely allow Admins to take notice of most of the errors especially the formatting ones beforehand. This will in turn improve the quality of their Page’s content and prevent them from making multiple edits afterwards.

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