Why is Facebook unable to load images of organic links?

Barry Schwartz, an editor of Search Engine Land, recently pointed out the issue in loading images for organic posts on Facebook. According to him, when he tried to link organic posts with stories, the original images were replaced with random images.

Possibly a bug unable the HTTPS URLs images to load, due to which when people shared his stories, the images were not shown or were replaced with random images.

Schwartz used the Debugger tool of Facebook to check the HTTPS links, and it claimed either the images in the URLs are corrupted, or the format is not supported. This problem was reported in one of the Stack Overflow threads in 2012 also and even as latest as four months ago.

Thread also suggested how users solved the issue by using the HTTP URLs in place of HTTPS.

In January 2012, one of the users, Keegan Quinn mentioned on Stack Overflow thread that he faced a similar situation after which he reported this issue as a bug on Facebook developer site. Images in HTTP URLs seemed acceptable for the Facebook whereas HTTPS was incompatible. At that time, Facebook acknowledged the reported problem and responded that it would look into the matter.

Many brands use Facebook as a way to bring traffic to their original content. The image loading issue or the replacing with random images can create a problem for these brands.

Though Facebook’s debugger notifies that the problem is with the corrupted file, but marketers might not realize that the issue resides with incompatibility of Facebook with HTTPS links.

Facebook was asked to comment on the issue, but they have not responded so far.

Hat Tip: Marketingland.

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