New iOS Update Gets Apple Accused of Anti Competitiveness

We are living in a world of monopolies. Amazon has a monopoly over the eCommerce industry, Apple and Google have a duopoly over the smartphone operating system industry, and giants like Facebook have monopolies over social media.

This is a problem because of the fact that it leads to companies no longer needing to innovate in order to remain relevant in a particular economy, so it is important that the big players in tech incorporate policies that are meant to encourage competition so that innovation can be derived from this competition all in all.

App developers are the first to suffer whenever a company tries to stifle competition, and, according to TheInformation, it is a group of app developers that first raised concerns about the latest version of iOS, stating that it was anti competitive in a letter that they sent to the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook.

The complaints have arisen around new restrictions that Apple has placed on how apps can use the data they gather regarding user locations and other similar forms of data. Apple is trying to make it so that app developers gain access to less of this data, which it claims it is doing in order to boost user privacy and protect consumer interests.

The change that has occurred is that users will no longer be prompted to always allow access to their location when they first open an app. Instead, they will be able to choose between allowing an app to access their location while they are using said app, allowing access just one single time and not allowing an app access to their location data. In order to always allow an app access to their location users will have to go to settings which makes it much less likely that they are going to do so.

App developers have claimed that this will make it difficult for them to access data that they need in order to develop further smooth services and products.

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