Some Creators lost thousands of dollars due to YouTube's mismanagement

YouTube is one of the largest online video streaming platforms that offer the service to generate revenue through its various features. Different variety of creators with some good number of followers start relying on this network for their income.

YouTube mistakes account for violating its policies

The revenue generated through YouTube can be pretty good for established creators but you never know when it will be your last. Yes’ you got it right. YouTubers can earn money through the platform as much as possible but all it takes is one tiny mistake by YouTube to change the millionaires into people begging for views.

YouTube is a platform that always attempts to create a safe and secure space for its users to generate a great amount of money just by uploading relevant content. YouTube updates its policies every once in a while to make it easy for its users to understand and follow the rules but sometimes the video hosting platform can also mistake a channel for violating its policies which results in demonetization for several weeks. This ban can result in creators going hand to mouth until or unless YouTube corrects its mistake.

Impact of YouTube’s mistake on the life of its users

Jake Sandt is a micro-influencer and the demonetization of his account led to stress and lack of sleep. Creator like Jake relies on the revenue generated by videos to do the majority of his daily tasks and if your only source of income is blocked without any notice you might not sleep at all. Sandt’s channel has more than 64,000 subscribers and more than 19,200,000 views which resulted in the generation of a good amount of money to support his college degree and to spend money on gifts and all other stuff. The demonetization of his account led him into depression as his only source of income was blocked without any warning.

The long waiting period of 30 days

Alex Beckham and David Hoffman were other victims of the mistake by YouTube. According to these creators, the team of YouTube emailed them stating that their content violated the policy that forbids the use of content already available on the platform. Whereas the creators denied this allegation but there was nowhere to report that until the period of 30 days wear off.

Videos can still be seen on the platform even after the claim of violation but the creator cannot generate money through it at all which makes creators completely powerless.

Although YouTube uses a three-strike copyright system to detect policy violations on the platform but YouTube failed to warn users before suspending their channels for 30 days before they could be enabled to apply again.

Creators left with no option other than using public platforms

With no access to any authentic way to reach YouTube, the only option creators saw was to go public with this problem to make YouTube notice the issue. The communication ways provided by YouTube for demonetization were found pretty confusing for YouTubers which resulted in going public for their voice to be heard.

When creators from YouTube went to publicly mention the monetization problems with YouTube, the team of YouTube responded with approval for monetization for some creators within 24 hours where for others it took 2 weeks to 2 months for YouTube to regain its access for monetization. Maybe their response depended on the number of subscribers on each account to avoid scandals.

YouTube fails to recover the lost money for creators

YouTube responded to all channels stating that it was a mistake to demonetize their accounts but it never recovered the number of money channels lost during that mistake. YouTubers lost funds from hundreds of dollars to thousands depending on the time it took for YouTube to notice its mistake and regain access to channels for monetization.

YouTube launched a new pilot program specifically developed to help users appeal with a video against the demonetization decisions. Now, with this pilot program creators can easily regain access on their videos for monetization without wasting much of a time.

Bottom Line

There’s still no official release from YouTube regarding what caused the demonetization but this strategy helped creators understand to not rely on one source of income at any point. The amount of money you generate through YouTube won’t matter when it can be easily taken away so always have backup plans on multiple platforms.

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