Why did YouTube think that robot combat is the same as animal cruelty?

YouTube is a platform known for its unique products and a variety of services to its users. It is the largest online video streaming platform with its users from all over the world. The Alphabet-owned platform is full of viral challenges. Different creators use unique ideas to engage a variety of audience with trending challenges. Some influencers of YouTube create videos based on reviews and feedbacks of trending products. A lot of people nowadays prefer to view YouTube videos first before purchasing a product and Creators use this as a benefit to engaging a variety of audience.

YouTube has always tried to maintain a balance for its audience with the help of policies. The core aim of the team of YouTube is to make its platform a safe space for all sort of users.

Recently Vice revealed that YouTube has been removing Robot fighting videos as a violation of its policy against animal cruelty. The policies of YouTube are always meant to create a secure platform for all age group of audience. YouTube strictly prohibits any video with the content of animal cruelty.

Different creators complained regarding the removal of videos of robots battling other robots claiming it as a breach of animal cruelty rules.

The first person to highlight the issue of removal of robot combat videos was a YouTuber named Angus Deveson (from Maker's Muse) who accused the new algorithm by YouTube to detect robot combat as animal abuse.

A variety of YouTube channels created videos regarding the removal of robot combat videos just to get YouTube’s attention to restore the content. There’s something strange going on with YouTube we are not sure about what it is but something weird is happening.

Different channels posted a variety of combat videos received notifications from YouTube that the videos were violating the community guidelines of YouTube. There’s something wrong with the new algorithm of YouTube that it detects Robot combat videos as animal cruelty and every notification from YouTube stated it as the infliction of animal suffering or forcing of animals to fight against the YouTube rules.

Response from YouTube

According to YouTube, there are no policies that ban robot fighting and it is much likely an error. According to YouTube, the videos removed were most likely due to an error in its algorithm. With so many massive videos on YouTube, sometimes it becomes difficult to manage all and it ends up with a failure in the detection of its rules. Whenever any issue of video removal comes in the attention of YouTube, the team quickly tries to reinstate that. The new policy of YouTube also offers the uploaders ability to appeal to the removal of content and the team of YouTube re-reviews the content and relaunches it accordingly.

Bottom Line

This new issue faced by YouTubers is a major defect but we guess that it is just an error in the algorithm of YouTube. The video streaming platform is known for its active response to clear issues so we are expecting YouTube to clear it all up soon.

Photo by: MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images

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