Mobile Push Notifications aren't being Opened as Frequently as App Inbox Messages, Reveals Acoustic

Mobile push notifications do not have a decent average open rate (5%) but app inbox messages have an average open rate of over 22%. These numbers are courtesy of a study conducted by Acoustic (a marketing cloud platform).

It’s understandable why push notifications have such low open rates, considering how their content is comprised of uncritical alerts that don’t grab the attention of users. When it comes to opening emails on mobile devices, the percentage dropped from 49% to 44% in just one year (2017 to 2018). As for desktop, the number witnessed a decline from 18% to 16% in the same duration and the percentage increased from 33% to 40% for email recipients opening webmail.

The open rate of Transactional emails is around 44% and that is about 20% more than the average open rate of non-transactional ones.

Let’s shed a little light on US click-through rates or CTRs for marketing messages. Last year, it witnessed a 20% rise from the year prior, signifying content optimization for mobile devices as a factor for growth.

Due to the strict consumer-privacy laws in multiple areas, Advertisers and brands are now focusing more towards list hygiene and higher-quality subscribers, enhancing targeting and improving success rates. Brands are also using AI to personalize emails, dissect and analyze big data, and identify when the campaigns stop performing well.

Coming back to the open rate of emails, it was found that insurance, automotive and industry groups observed a decent response from emails sent to their consumers with Insurers spawning 4.2 opens per message, leaving industry categories behind. Additionally, a decent repeat-open rate was also observed for insurance-related emails such as policy renewal information and details, deadlines and other messages regarding consumer accounts.

Don’t just rule out the automotive industry yet as it witnessed the highest CTR for emails (10%). According to Acoustic, a possible reason behind the high CTR is that cars are among the most expensive consumer purchase (followed by home).

These results should help marketers in devising mobile messaging strategies accordingly.

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