Stressed that your ads banned by YouTube will take 30 days to clear? Now you can quickly uplift the ban

YouTube is a platform for all sorts of creators and marketers. It is one of the most popular online streaming video platforms that enable users to upload unique content and generate revenue through it as well. One of the major issues faced by YouTube creators was the ban on ads. It would take 30 days for the ban to lift and during that users can’t do anything other than just wait. But no anymore!

YouTube now lets users appeal to remove the ad ban

To make it easier for creators to earn money, YouTube in 2007 introduced the feature of ads on videos. Creators can have ads displayed during their videos and earn money through it. YouTube has a very high standard for the content that runs advertisements. It is the core responsibility of the YouTube team to ensure that the ads don’t run on any inappropriate videos and this is why it released various policies and rules for that. If the creator breaks any of the rules, it gets banned from running ads on its videos for at least 30 days.

A Reddit thread revealed that YouTube is currently testing a new pilot program that can enable creators to appeal for the removal of the ban on ad privileges with the help of short videos. According to a screenshot shared by RedPillLookism (a Reddit users), a review team will allow creators with a ban on ads to send an explanatory video that highlights their channel’s content and describes the reasons why the ban should be removed. Within seven days, the review team of YouTube will assess the video and decide whether to lift the ban or not.

YouTube also confirmed this program to media outlets that creators will now be able to submit video and appeal for the removal of ban immediately. Now with this new program, creators don’t have to wait for 30 days for the ban to end but can immediately appeal to look into the creator’s content and change the decision. This new program is only beneficial for the creators with actual good content and not for the ones who publish harmful or hateful content. This program helps the creator get ad privileges back who were affected due to YouTube’s confusing policies.

Creators also noticed an uptick in channels and this is due to having ‘repetitious content’. According to the YouTube monetization team, content that is produced massively just to increase views and not offers a sufficient amount of educational or other value gets this uptick. This is also due to the new rules implemented by YouTube in October 2018.

Bottom Line

Users have been facing the issues of the ban for a very long time so the new pilot program can hopefully help creators easily proceed with their content and start earning revenue again by appealing for a new decision again. Right now, YouTube is starting this program with a very specified group of users but it is expected to spread this program among all creators in the future.

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