YouTube Testing New Service “Fundo” for Influencer Crowdfunding

YouTube would not be where it is today without its creators and influencers, and yet in spite of the fact that these creators are a big part of the platform’s success they are not given the level of respect that they deserve. However, it appears that Google is trying to mend that by adding some new features to YouTube that are going to give creators and influencers more opportunities to earn money through their fan followings and subscribers that are separate from the share of ad revenue that these YouTubers receive.

One feature that YouTube has been testing out as of late is called Fundo, and it is basically a crowd funding platform that allows YouTubers to set up digital events that fans can pay to attend. Several YouTubers have been given the option of testing this new feature out, and this has allowed them to have online meet and greets with fans that subscribers can pay anywhere between $4 to $10 for, although some influencers have been charging quite high prices with some going up to $40 or even higher amounts based on the demand that they see among their viewers.

The origin of Fundo is also quite interesting. Google has created an in house incubator that they are calling Area 120, and the main purpose of this incubator is to give Google employees the chance to pitch their ideas and, if their ideas are found to be suitably innovative, they are given the chance to work on these projects and receive funding for them.

Fundo is one of the ideas that have come out of Area 120, and it is pretty exciting to think about the numerous other ideas that could potentially end up coming to the fore, and it is heartening to see a big corporation like Google taking the ideas that its employees are getting as seriously as possible and actually implementing them in the real world.

Photo: Future Publishing / Getty Images

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