Facebook now Allows Page Admins to Customize Columns in Stories Insights!

Facebook and the Apps and Services it owns have been putting in extra work to make the Stories feature more prominent than ever. It wasn’t long ago when the split-story card was rolled out for users to share a story either through their profile or the page that they administer. Well, it looks like there is much more in store for Page stories.

Social media consultant Matt Navarra recently tweeted about Facebook now allowing Page Admins to customize columns that are visible for their Facebook Stories Insights in Page Insights. In case you have a Facebook page, you can try adding the desired columns as well. A screenshot was also shared by Navarra to explain the available navigation and engagement options.

Once a Page Admin hits “Add Columns”, they will be shown a checkbox similar to the one seen in the screenshot by Navarra. From there, one, multiple or all Navigation and Engagement options can be selected to be shown in the Stories Insights section.

The available Navigation columns are Forward taps, Backward taps, Forward Swipes and Exits. On the other hand, the available options for Engagement are Total engagement, Page visits, Shares, Swipe-up actions, Replies and Sticker interactions.

The customized columns will then be shown to the Admin and from there, they can judge the performance of their Page Stories.

The customizing tool has already been rolled out and is ready to be used. It has the potential to become quite a useful function since Admins will be easily able to analyze how their Stories are being perceived by their followers.

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