LinkedIn Prevented Millions of Fake Accounts from Being Created in 2019

LinkedIn is an important network for people that are trying to get ahead in terms of their careers and the like, which is why it is so important for the social media platform to try and reduce the number of fake accounts that end up getting created because of the fact that these fake accounts can make it difficult for people that really want to be able to make the most of their time on LinkedIn forging connections and creating a professional network for themselves.

LinkedIn claimed that it prevent more than twenty one million fake accounts from being created through automated defense funnel, and what’s more is that a further two million accounts were taken down soon after they were created. The fact that LinkedIn’s automated detection prevented nearly 22 million fake accounts from being created is the sort of action that will help people have a lot more faith in the site, and it will also potentially improve the quality of the experience that the average user tends to get from the platform all in all.

Two million of the accounts that were taken down before anyone even had to report them, something that shows just how proactive LinkedIn is in this regard. Nearly seventy thousand fake accounts were taken down after a user reported an account for being fake.
"We want to make sure our community continues to be a valuable resource for you; one that creates opportunities to find jobs, make connections and grow careers.", explained Paul Rockwell, Head of Trust & Safety @LinkedIn, in a blog post. Adding further, "When we stop fake accounts, we start more chances for economic opportunity. We are committed to using every measure available to maintain your safety, allowing everyone to access economic opportunity while feeling supported and secure.
These numbers are definitely working in LinkedIn’s favor, as the social media platform tries to establish itself as a more dominant presence in the social media landscape. With Facebook quickly losing the confidence of the public, platforms like LinkedIn have the opportunity to position themselves as adequate replacements for the social media experience, and this is probably a big part of the reason why LinkedIn has been making so many changes that would prevent fake accounts from being created on its platform.

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