Facebook is Working on a Split Stories Card for Users Running a Page!

If you are a Facebook user and still haven’t noticed the emphasis being put on stories, you might just be a casual user of the Social Networking platform. Facebook and the apps/services it owns have been putting extra work for the last several months to get their consumers to give importance to Stories. After all, this is the feature that has the interest of Advertisers at the moment.

The most recent update regarding Facebook Stories comes from Social media consultant Matt Navarra (who in turn got the word from Facebook marketing expert Mari Smith). Navarra tweeted about the Social Networking platform testing out a split Stories card which will be accessible by users who run a page in addition to having a personal profile.

Mari Smith confirmed that the split Stories card will prompt users to either post something on their personal profile’s story or on their page’s story, at a time. The facility for simultaneously sharing something on both the page and profile stories won’t be available for the time being.

Navarra’s tweet also contains a screenshot, giving us a look at the new card presentation.

Thus, it is an interesting time to be a Facebook user. There’s no word yet regarding the date when this new card will be available to the general audience. However, it shouldn’t take too long since Facebook is frequently rolling out changes to the Stories feature in order to make it popular among its uses. Stay tuned for further updates in this story.

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