Facebook is looking forward to launching its WhatsApp Pay feature in Indonesia

We all know that Facebook always tries to bring out new policies and strategies to engage its audience with more unique products. In last December, Facebook revealed about its plans regarding Cryptocurrency but will the Libra be the future of transactions on Facebook? We all know that WhatsApp is also owned by Facebook. So recently Bloomberg revealed that Facebook is working on a new feature to make it easy for WhatsApp users to transfer money within the app. Earlier sources informed that Facebook will be focusing on the remittances in Asian market by offering cryptocurrency to the markets of India but it’s not the case. During a launch in June, Facebook clarified that India will not be a prime part of its rollout plan but instead Facebook will focus on launching WhatsApp Pay to Indian users by the end of the year.

While Facebook is currently waiting for Indian regulators to assess WhatsApp Pay feature, Reuters revealed that there’s a rumor going on about WhatsApp feature to launch in Indonesian payment-processing companies reaching more than 100 million users. If that is true, it’s a good step for WhatsApp towards a strong eCommerce community and it’s also good for Facebook as well but we still are not sure whether to trust Libra currency or not?

Libra currency can’t be used in the market, not even in the regions where the transaction fees help in regular activities. So we are confused whether there is any benefit with the Libra crypt- system or not? of course it is beneficial for Facebook as it will be managing its own transaction system but if users can’t use this cryptocurrency in the emerging markets and the only way to use it is with the WhatsApp Pay option so does Facebook really want to be in the center of all of this mess along with the launch of Libra currency?

Bottom Line

WhatsApp Pay can a good service and a way to display that Facebook can also be trusted. Facebook will be proceeding normally with the launch of its cryptocurrency. We really hope that Facebook rethinks about it all that if the Libra currency is of no benefit in the market then maybe it doesn’t have the worth Facebook assumes it does.

As for the WhatsApp, the new launch of WhatsApp Pay is a further step towards a new route to a successful business. This option enables WhatsApp with so many new opportunities for those who are looking to connect with the market with the help of WhatsApp. Although it is providing new opportunities but WhatsApp is also helping Facebook with its on-platform payments.

Photo: Marie Waldmann / Photothek / Getty Images

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