Twitter To Regulate Conversations by Introducing ‘Hide Feature’ To Global Users

Twitter has started testing a new feature ‘Hide Replies’ on its platform. The aim of it is to give users more control over the conversations and remove anything that distracts or is off the topic.

It is a common practice on various social media platforms, including Twitter that a healthy conversation is easily detracted or disturbed by a single person or a small group. There could be pointless drama, hateful comments or even trolling.

Currently, users have the option to block or mute others who may be a source of disturbance during the conversation. But it will not hide comments for others, as they will still be visible to other users.
Twitter To Regulate Conversations by Introducing ‘Hide Feature’ To Global Users
It is also not a delete button that will entirely remove the comment. Rather it will only hide comments behind an icon. Anyone can view these hidden comments by clicking the icon.

Twitter wants to regulate conversations with this new feature that would encourage people to express their opinion in a more civilized way. Otherwise, the comments that involve trolling or hate will be hidden.

On the other side, this feature could be used to display the opinion only that goes with the users’ tweet. The others’ opinions will be silenced without hearing their stories, including facts checking tweets.

This could raise an alarming situation as the social platforms are already known for hyping propaganda. There are the recent casing of state-sponsored actors influencing others and playing with the sentiments of people.

According to Twitter, they have maintained privacy by still making replies available. However, the question arises, will everyone click on the icon and view the hidden replies?

This feature is for now only available in Canada but people from all around the world can see the hidden comments.

Twitter had already confirmed about this feature’s testing and will be launching it in the coming week.

This could be a useful way to deal with hate speech and unnecessary drama in replies. Twitter finally managed to make things simple.

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