Twitter launches new policies to stop attacks on religious groups

Twitter is one of the popular social platforms due to its ability for freedom of speech for its users. Twitter is a social platform where users have the ability to share their thoughts and ideas without the fear of being judged at all.

Twitter - a platform struggling with hate speech

Twitter can be a platform for hate speech too, if you spend some time on the social network or if you search for some specific words in the search bar you’ll find some of the harassment and abuse examples that violates the Twitter rule.

Twitter introduces new policies for its users

Twitter has always been facing problems to implement new rules against hate speech and because of this behavior, it created mistrust between users. On Tuesday, Twitter introduced new rules that will ban hateful speech against any religious group. The company will be forced to remove any tweet that dehumanizes whole religious groups when they’re reported to the company.

Last month, the company announced that it would be placing warning labels on tweets from world leaders that violated its rules in order to “protect the health of public conversation”. The recent update in the policy was because of the 8,000 responses from all over the world to a public survey.

Response from the users about the new policies

Most of the Twitter users are wondering as to why this wasn’t already a policy. Many people raised their concerns about the inability of Twitter to enforce rules fairly. Twitter’s current terms of service prohibit threats on the basis of race, ethnicity, religious affiliation and some other characteristics as well. This new update in the policy is meant to set a clear perspective about the standards of enforcements against hateful speech based on religion.

The company is currently working only on religious groups and will expand the policy for other protected groups as well once the new policy goes into effect.

Effect on tweets before the new rule

The Tweets before the new rule was launched will be required to be removed by the company, although the company will not take any more action against those accounts multiple violations of the new policy regarding hate speech against religious groups might result in suspension or bans on the accounts.

Starting from 9 July, Twitter "will require Tweets like these to be removed from [its social network] when they’re reported:

Bottom Line

The hate speech was always considered a major drawback of Twitter. Although the micro-blogging network tries to make its users feel more secure and safe on the platform; by creating a protected space with more clear and accurate policies; and a clear border line of hate speech against any specific group.

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