Twitter is experimenting with Icons on Profiles instead of Labels, Making Conversation Easier and Fun

Twitter is one of the most underrated social media platforms. Most internet users know about Twitter but the platform is all about conversations mainly, which makes it more famous among people who believe in sharing ideas, news, trends and interesting information. Users can find top of the list politicians, investors, business tycoons, actors, celebrities and sports stars active on Twitter, however, this time the micro-blogging app is taking changes very seriously. They are making the platform safer for the user by discouraging unfavorable comments yet encouraging the freedom of expressions. Some recent changes have made it very clear that Twitter is going to change the game of social networking and the company is now giving more control to the user.
Twitter tests small profile icons instead of text labels that show up in replies
In an attempt to give more control to users and make it easier for them to join and continue conversations of their choice Twitter has launched profile icon option. Tweeters will now have a small icon instead of label near the profile picture. The user can see an icon at the bottom of the profile picture in the reply thread. The icon option is right now being tested and if it is liked then the company is looking forward to not only add more icons but also make this feature permanent. Right now, there are three icons that are being tested, these icons include, a small microphone that appears at the button of the profile picture of the author in the reply thread, a small @ sign icon that appears near the profile picture of the user who was mentioned within the original tweet and finally a person with a check that appears in front of the profile picture of the users that view and follows the tweet.

This is not the first time Twitter has tried making things easier for the users by adding something for the user. Previously, Twitter has experimented by testing labels on replies in all three categories including the original author, the mentioned individual and finally the people who are following the tweet. This raises a question about the progress and success of this experiment. Twitter ha long waited to make any change on its platform, now the platform has been seen making incredible progress by introducing new tools and interesting features. The last most popular change was to amend the word limit, now the main concern is how this change will be received by the users.

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