TikTok is Reportedly Working on a Bunch of New Features, Including a Discover Tab and Account Switcher

In just under 3 years, TikTok has taken over the world by storm. The charm of this Social Media video app has even won the admiration of big time celebrities. TikTok is used throughout the world for creating short lip-sync videos. With the app’s rising popularity however, it is time that it makes some necessary changes and adjustments to become a credible social media platform.

Renowned App researcher Jane Manchun Wong recently shared a series of tweets, each containing the news of a new upgrade that is being worked on by TikTok. The changes are mainly inspired by other Social Media services.

The first upgrade that is being tested is the Account Switcher. In case you are unaware of the term, it basically allows a user to switch between different accounts without having to log out from one account and enter log in details of the other. Users with multiple accounts, with the help of this feature, can quickly jump from one account to the other in a matter of seconds. Facebook Messenger and Instagram also have this feature.

Moving on, TikTok is also working on a “Send to” section which would allow users to send videos to their WhatsApp friends and (most probably) groups as well. The section would appear on the Share UI, which already contains options for sharing a video on different Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and others.

Not only that, but the Social Media video app is also working on a Discover Tab. Although much details haven’t been revealed about it, Discover would most probably follow in the footsteps of Instagram’s Explore Tab, showing the type of videos you have liked or those from people you have followed or the people they have followed etc. The algorithm for picking videos in such kind of tabs always has room for improvement.

Last but not the least, TikTok is testing to show the Download count on videos. It can be seen in the screenshot shared by Wong that the number of downloads for a particular video would most likely appear between the comments and share sections. A number of TikTok users have already started noticing the download count on videos.

Long story short, Tik Tok is ready to take the next step in its quest for climbing up the ranks of Social Media platforms. It remains to be seen how helpful these features prove to be for the app in the long run.

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Photo: Chesnot - Getty Images
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