Twitter Launches ‘Hide Reply’ Option for Canadian Audience to Get Rid of Reply Army

The best thing about Twitter is the fact that it is open, a few words can get the user anywhere. The platform celebrates the true spirit of freedom of expression, it is open for everyone unless the user chooses to go private. Since everyone has the freedom to express themselves, most users spam by mentioning multiple people in the reply section. For every mention, the user gets the notification which means that in case of spam, the user will end up with a lot of notifications and everything will become crowded. As a result of spam usually, most of the users miss out on important notifications.

Twitter is providing an easy solution to this problem by providing a feature of hiding reply. With the help of this new feature the user will be able to hide the annoying replies, however, the reader will be able to see all the hidden replies by clicking on the icon present on the right-hand corner. Right now this feature has been launched for Canadian users, however, Twitter says that it is a test, the aim is to see the effect this feature has since users have been saying that blocking and muting have not been working for them. Twitter Canada announced this exciting new features in a recent tweet where they not only showed how the hide reply option can be enabled as well as unabled by just one tap.

App researcher, Jane Manchun Wong was the first who spotted this feature back in June.

This feature especially explains how Twitter takes privacy and transparency very seriously, by hiding replies, the user will be choosing what the reader will be able to see but since this is against transparency, Twitter has also provided a separate option for the reader to unlock the hidden tweet. The management at Twitter is taking this test very seriously and they are hopeful that this will bring positive change on the platform regarding bullying and spamming. With the help of the result of this test, Twitter will finally decide if the feature will be launched for the rest of the world. With the help of this feature, Twitter is aiming to give more control to Twitter users without pushing the limits of both users and readers.

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Featured photo: Guillaume Payen / SOPA Images/ LightRocket / Getty Images
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