Facebook to Suggest Moderators to Manage Groups

Lately Facebook has really been pushing a community oriented message to its users, talking at great length about how it is going to use its groups feature to help bring people together based on shared interests and the like. One of the latest tests that Facebook is conducting could offer a glimpse of the direction in which the social media platform will be taking Groups.

One of the most challenging aspects of the Groups section has to do with administration. As groups get bigger and bigger, keeping the various members of said group in check becomes increasingly difficult. Moderators can usually help with this, but the problem here is that finding competent moderators can be a real challenge for the main admin of a Facebook group.

In an attempt to try and prevent such problems for arising, Facebook is testing out moderator suggestions for Android devices. As noted by Matt Navarra, these algorithmic suggestions are going to involve showing you members of your group that stand out in terms of how much they participate and how much they contribute to the group in general. People that participate more often are probably going to be better moderators because of the fact that they will be more invested in the group.

This isn’t the first time Facebook has singled out certain members of a group for their contributions. Groups and pages have been able to show you top fans for quite some time now, and Facebook even made it possible for you to publish posts exclusively for top fans. The moderator suggestions seem to be an updated version of this feature.

Facebook is testing an AI ‘Suggested Moderators’ feature for Groups. It will assess a group member’s level and type of activity and engagement within the group to make suggestions.

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