Facebook for Android is Reportedly Working on a Cropping Tool and an Apple-Inspired Photo Feature!

Facebook is undoubtedly the king of Social Media with over 2.38 billion users registered on the platform. Countless users regularly post status updates, and most of them include photos and videos as well.

However, uploading a photo is not an easy task as it seems to be. In many cases, the photos need to be cropped to edit out any unnecessary details. Due to this, users have to utilize editing software and applications before their photos can be Post-ready. However, this can take up more time than usual, resulting in inconvenience to the user.

It looks like Facebook has finally taken notice of the importance of a cropping feature for photos as renowned app researcher Jane Manchun Wong recently tweeted about Facebook testing a photo cropping tool for post creations for Android.

Wong shared a screenshot of the cropping icon, placed in the bottom-left region of the uploaded photo. This news has been met with positive reactions, and looks like Android users can’t wait to make use of the tool.

However, this isn’t where Facebook plans on stopping for now as according to Wong, it is also working on Long Pressing Camera Roll Picker for Android.

In case you are unaware with the term “Long Pressing Camera”, it  is basically inspired by Apple’s 3D Touch. It allows users to hold onto an image (from the gallery or an album) to preview it, as long as the finger/pen is on the particular picture. As soon as the picture is “unpressed”, the screen goes back to displaying the gallery as normal.

The above mentioned feature is useful in quickly previewing images instead of opening them entirely.

As of now, the release date of the two features remain undisclosed. There’s no doubt that if properly implemented, these features could make the process of photo previewing and uploading much easier and a bit faster. Stay tuned to get any potential updates on this story!

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