The Scam Detection Service by Facebook is Finally Live after Facing Legal Action

Facebook recently launched a scam reporting tool which was followed by a legal action, which demanded Facebook to strictly deal with online frauds.

Several scam ads had the picture of Martin Lewis, the founder of Money Saving Expert, on it after which he filed a defamation lawsuit against Facebook.

In January, he withdrew the case on the condition that the social networking site will donate £3m to Citizen Advice, who will spend it on a project to avoid scam advert.

Telephone helpline service will be introduced through which people will be able to get help regarding all kinds of online scams. Victims who will face financial crisis due to online frauds will also be able to get one-to-one support.

The company, Citizens Advice predicted that in the first year they will be able to serve 20,000 people.

A reporting tool has also been introduced by Facebook along with a well-trained team that will look into the alerts received from British people, their reports will be reviewed and all the violent adverts would be removed.

Northern Europe Vice President of Facebook, Steve Hatch said that the global security team is now three times than before, making a staff of 30,000. He said that the platform will keep investing to remove the inappropriate content.

Mr. Lewis said that there are several online scam ads that the UK has to suffer from. According to him, most of these online criminals are from outside EU and there are insufficient laws to avoid them, neither official enforcement can do anything.

Lewis said that the basic purpose of using Facebook was to make the leading tech companies realize that their irresponsible behavior can affect several others.

He defined it as social policing that will be fighting against online scams. Many people are able to identify scams whereas, several others cannot.

He asked people who can recognize scams to use this tool and help the vulnerable ones who are unable to recognize. The new efficient team by Facebook would respond back to scammers quickly.

Counselling will also be provided to victims who have been affected by scammers. Also, the Citizen Advice Scams Action will identify and prevent, as well as spread awareness about online scams among UK residents.

The chief executive of Citizen Advice said that thousands of people get affected by scam every year. He said that he is glad that Lewis and Facebook’s agreement resulted in the creation of this service from which several other victims will benefit.

Now, it is yet to see how effectively this new service will work and whether Facebook be able to achieve what it has been claiming about curbing inappropriate content online.

Photo: Derick Hudson via Getty Images

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