New Facebook Post Customization Feature Is Only for The “Top Fans”

Facebook recently came up with a top fan badge that has been designed to encourage people who actively comment or engage on the post for a specific page. Usually, when a user continuously engages in posts of any page, they receive a notification offering them to accept the top fan badge and next time they comment on the page their profile name has a small start with top fan badge. To keep the badge, the person must continue to comment or engage in the post or otherwise the badge will go away. Most of the users have enjoyed this option, plus, this feature has also helped in increasing the engagement on pages.

However, Facebook wants to take this plan of making the users special to a whole new level. They recently introduced a feature that will help the admin to post something just for the top fans. This works just like privacy setting but in this case, the privacy setting is for pages. This means that the post will be visible on the timelines of top fans only. To make this possible, the admin must activate the top fan badge first. On posting the social post, there will be an audience selection option which means that the admin can select who can see this post. Usually, the post on the pages is public but in some cases, admin opt for the restricted audience option but now they also have the option of top fans only. This feature has been designed to thank the top fans or update them regarding the news and information about group progress.

Facebook page admins can now create posts just for their top fans to thank them or share exclusive content.
Screenshot: Tigran Matinyan / Twitter

So far the features have been made available for few pages already but soon this feature will be available for all the pages. However, there is a restriction to the pages too, this feature is only available for the pages with more than 10k followers. With this feature, business pages will grow more because they can ask the top fans to share their posts or help them to enhance their engagement on the post. To make it even easier Facebook has lowered the criteria of top fans which means the audience will be enthusiastic about updates but still, it will not be so restricted. The admin will be able to keep track of all the fans and who he is sharing the information with.

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