DuckDuckGo improves maps, ensuring privacy

Internet search engine, DuckDuckGo has updated its map search features, while ensuring the privacy of its users.

Recently this year, the search engine started to use Apple Maps to improve its maps. After integrating Apple services, DuckDuckGo is working to upgrade its services. It has introduced four new updates. These new features are:

Dark Mode: It has introduced dark theme, which means map will be shown in dark mode if a user selects it.

Ease in Re-Querying: This features assist users to search for new locations without going back on searching site. For example, now you can search about nearest coffee shops while being on the map view on the application.

A Separate Maps Tab: There is the availability of tab of Map on the DuckDuckGo’s search bar. Previously, it was displayed if the searched item required maps. Now, you can search anything on the maps.

DuckDuckGo improves maps, ensuring privacy

Local Autocomplete: The map and search engine will show the nearby locations automatically. For example, if you type coffee on the search, nearby coffee cafes will be shown to you.

DuckDuckGo Expands Use of Apple Maps for Enhanced Search With the Same Commitment to Privacy

DuckDuckGo, however, ensured its users that the website will provide privacy as it did in the past. It was further said that they are making local searches faster while retaining the privacy you expect, and it will remain unchanged.

The website keeps all information of users and its searches private. It discards the location information after it has been used.
"We believe there should be no trade-off for people wanting to protect their personal data while searching. Working with Apple Maps to enhance DuckDuckGo Search is an example of how we do this, and pushes us further in our vision of setting a new standard of trust online.", explained DuckDuckGo in a blog post.
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