Instagram Updates the Rules for Taking Down Accounts from its Social Network

On Thursday, Instagram announced it will soon be rolling out new rules for taking down any account from the platform. This indicates that the photo-sharing app is taking strict measure to ensure the removal of offensive content or any activity that contradicts with the policies.

According to previous guidelines, accounts are taken down after reaching a certain percentage of content that violates the policies of the platform. However, moving forward the company will shut accounts once the account violation reaches a certain number in a specific time period.

The company will not disclose the exact number of violation of time frame after which account will be shut down, as they fear users will try to dodge the system.

The company hopes that it will enable them to implement policies in their true sense and take actions against what people do on the platform.

The announcement was made in the same week when a person killed a 17 years old girl and posted the pictures of a bloody dead body on his Instagram account. Though the picture was taken down it is still circulating on different platforms, even on Instagram, exposing how well the sites are being moderated.

The company already been through a tough time for being ineffective to stop bullying on the platform or for protecting teenagers from self-harm content.

Along with this, both Instagram and Facebook are accused of subduing the voices of conservatives but Facebook denied the accusations.

Accounts that will at risk of being removed to be notified by the company. They will be given an option to appeal against the decision of the company if the account has been taken down for violating policies regarding harassment, nudity, bullying, pornography, drugs, hate speech and counter-terrorism.

Soon it will be possible to make appeals from within the app, as now users have to go to help center from the website of Instagram.

Upon drug sale and sexual solicitation policies, accounts will be taken down immediately.

Instagram's new policies show the seriousness of the company against the rising concerns of users about the questionable content. Time will tell how effective these changes will be.

Instagram is updating its rules for removing accounts for violating its policies

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