Google Images to Include AMPs in Search Results

An AMP is basically a term that is used to referred to an Accelerated Mobile Page, which is a kind of preview that you get for a website when you are making a search query and end up seeing a list of search results that are designed to tell you what you need to know. Google’s new updates are going to bring AMP powered search to Google Images, and this is going to have a pretty big impact on your user experience while you are searching for images using Google.

The way that this would affect functionality is that you will enter a search query and get a long list of images that match the query in one way or another. You can scroll through the search results until you find something that is worth your while, or you could potentially swipe right on a picture that would lead you the aforementioned accelerated mobile page that the picture is attached to. If the AMP provides you with a preview that makes you feel like that site will have the kind of content you require then you can go to the proper site and get the job done.

The main benefit that this will provide is that it will make the whole process of finding particular search results a lot easier than it would have been otherwise, and users will be able to save quite a bit of time while they are using Google to find a certain kind of image that fits specific criteria.
"Publishers who support AMP don’t need to take any additional action for their sites to appear in Swipe to Visit on Google Images. Publishers who don’t support AMP can learn more about getting started with AMP here." explained Assaf Broitman, Google Images Product Manager, in a blog post on Official Google Webmaster Central Blog. Adding further, "In the coming weeks, publishers can also view their traffic data from AMP in Google Images in a Search Console’s performance report for Google Images in a new search area named AMP on Image result."
Featured photo: Mirtmirt / Shutterstock

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