The Story Behind Facebook Dirty Business of Advertisement

Everyone knows about Facebook ads, that where Mark Zuckerberg earns his bread and that’s how the tech giants make money. Apparently, the data breach and privacy scandals were not enough to pull Mark down which is the reason Facebook is working as an animal on an open leash. Although, nothing seems to shock the audience because of multiple scandals, a recent addition to the list of scandal is the broken advertising archive scandal.

This scandal explains that Facebook has been helping the advertisers to work for the white supremacy and nationalism. When designing a paid campaign or running an advertisement Facebook provides complete access to the audience data and offers complete freedom of choice when it comes to selecting an audience. With the help of this data, the advertiser can hide the ad from minorities and only target white, Christian nationalists. This means that every time there is an advertisement about a new house or a better job, this automatically hides the ad from immigrants, people of color or people who belong to religious minorities.

According to an employee in Mozilla, the data library that has been designed by Facebook is recording and taking the information. On the basis of the previous information, an archive has been maintained. These archives are not very well designed and they hardly meet the basic needs of the researchers which means that this can be very humiliating for the company and can become the reason of serious loss. Because of the recent scandal, Facebook now allows the users to extract their own data see how much Facebook knows about them but the method to extract your own data has been designed so complex that it is nearly useless for most. The search limit is 2000 results but to extract this data the user needs to do 1900 searches. In short, with the internet speed in the US, in order to download the data of the entire congress library, it will take nearly six weeks.

The most alarming situation is the fact that Facebook has everything, money, data, engineers, manpower, and brain but it seems with all these resources available, the way this archive is working. Facebook is not actually interested in making ads archives functional anytime soon.

The Story Behind Facebook Dirty Business of Advertisement
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