Microsoft’s New Report Suggests That LinkedIn Engagement Is Continuously Rising

When Microsoft bought LinkedIn back in the mid of 2016, one element that they lost in the process was to check the individual performance of the company. In addition, the connecting dots, to see the engagement metrics, user numbers and many more that could have helped in gaining insight into the social network of LinkedIn, was also blurred.

Currently, Microsoft quarterly reports integrate the stats of LinkedIn as well that help in understanding many details.

Recently, Microsoft released their FY19 Q4 report that suggested an overall record of $33.7 billion in revenue.

This report also projected the performance of LinkedIn suggesting that LinkedIn revenues increased by 25 percent "(up 28 percent in constant currency) with record levels of engagement highlighted by LinkedIn sessions growth of 22 percent."

Microsoft has continuously for three times have reported great level of engagement with LinkedIn. The report suggests the rapid growth of LinkedIn, which has been possible by proposing some changes in its algorithm.

As LinkedIn reported some time back, people are using their feed more than before and are giving their feedback on the posts on LinkedIn. The members of Microsoft are generating millions of viral actions and therefore, the level of engagement is increasing year by year.

LinkedIn is seeing new heights in the many regions including the new ones. Currently, LinkedIn has 610 million registered users on it.

LinkedIn is the first US Company that has been able to enter China with some restrictions. Even after restrictions, it was able to get 41 million Chinese members registered on LinkedIn.

By entering China, LinkedIn has explored a new region with many users joining the platform. China is a huge market and propose some positive outcomes for the future.

Microsoft reports clearly shows that buying LinkedIn was a good decision made by the Company.

LinkedIn seems to boost the productivity of Microsoft with millions of users registered on it and many registering each day.

Microsoft’s New Report Suggests That LinkedIn Engagement Is Continuously Rising
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