LinkedIn is Reportedly Working on Notification Filters

LinkedIn’s importance in the current age of Social Media can’t be denied. For the last several years, the Business and Employment-oriented service has played a key part in job hiring, helping both the employees as well as the employers.

With the rise of Social media, LinkedIn has continued to provide ways for recruiters and seekers to find the best possible connections for themselves. Thus, it is important for the Social Networking site to keep on evolving and give its users a smooth experience… and looks like, this is exactly what is happening.

LinkedIn has been testing out various updates and new features to improve user experience on the platform. The latest one was spotted by renowned app researcher Jane Manchun Wong. She tweeted that the Social Media service is now testing Notification filters, and attached a screenshot to support her claim as well.

From the screenshot, it is evident that users would either receive all notifications or could apply a filter to get only specific types of alerts. The filter options are:

1. All Notifications

2. Your Updates: Related to any activity involving the user such as mentions, reactions, comments etc.

3. Network Updates: Related to activities transpiring in a user’s group or network.

4. Jobs: Related to Job Recommendations and Alerts.

It is safe to say that these new filters would definitely make things a lot easier for users on the platform and allow them to receive only relevant updates. There is no word as to when this update might be available publicly but assuming the importance of this feature, it shouldn’t take too long!

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