LinkedIn is unveiling its new Call-to-Action button for pages, along with more features

A glad tiding particularly for page admin on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has introduced a new feature of call-to-action (CTA) button. It will make you add this feature on your LinkedIn page and you can do the editing from your smartphones too.

This new Call-to-action button is having 5 different options.
  • Sign up
  • Contact us
  • Register
  • Learn more
  • Visit website
This button will aid you in tracking your visitors. The analytics can be seen at the left side of your page’s interface or above the Visitor’s Analytics Tab.

According to LinkedIn's Product Manager Rishi Jobanputra, the new CTA Analytics are available on desktop only.

Mobile Editing:

The process of editing of the pages that are published is not tough anymore. Page admins can edit the main details of a page from their mobile devices. Admins can also edit the posts that have been published already.

Community Hashtags:

This feature is striking in a way that it will enable the admins to connect their page to related Hashtags. Whether its #SocialMediaTrends or #Technology. It is too feasible to consult and contribute as an individual organization. The common factor between CTAs and Community Hashtags is that both are going to be found on the desktop.

What drove us?

According to Jobanputra, the total number of LinkedIn users is more than 630 million on the platform with 34 million active pages operated by admins. The company is trying to utilize this count for advertising purposes and announced to adapt Drawbridge lately, which is an AI technology that is going to accelerate the ads targeting the potential of LinkedIn. With the aid of these advanced features, Linked in is fulfilling its plan to target the business world to make the most out of this platform.
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