LinkedIn outlined the change in its algorithm to engage more users

This week, LinkedIn outlined the changes which it has made in its algorithms to increase engagement among its users. According to the professional networking site, most of the content is generated by only one percent of its users, while the largest part was being ignored.

Thus, in order to eradicate that unequal distribution which is not an ideal way to increase engagement, LinkedIn introduced "contribution" as an additional candidate’s selection model. In this model, a user can increase the content engagement on the site and create its own audience for which the content creators are rewarded because it is the idea of the LinkedIn team that by appreciating the content creators, they will get more connected in discussions of LinkedIn by posting due to which they will get more response, ultimately. And in this way, LinkedIn would then become a better place to carry out professional discussions where everyone would take part, not only one percent top users.

The goal of LinkedIn behind changing algorithms and machine learning was to expand the performance of its users.

The employment-oriented network is not aiming to have ample of posts and discussions. It is looking to have users who post and create content due to which their target audience are created which in turn automatically give rise to sub-communities and platforms where a particular niche is discussed, specific hashtags are used and questions are raised that keep the discussing going on.

In this model, the feed is also rated and ranked to predict “community-building aspect of each feed update”. The goal of ranking is to make users and member of the community is to let them know that what relevant conversations can make them more “productive”. According to LinkedIn relevant feed and conversation is determined by three function that what is the value of that feed to the member firstly, to network secondly, and lastly to the creator himself or herself.

Furthermore, Pete Davies, Consumer Product at LinkedIn, also shares some strategies to increase your engagement and reach. According to his tips:

1. Content creators should encourage the response and it is only possible by giving their opinion as well.

2. The content creators should design the best post, there is no need to use particular format because new algorithm do not support specific format.

3. Creators should @mention relevant user to make them a be part of the discussion.

4. The creator should engage with the audience who comment or like the post.

The employer support the use of specific niche and hashtags. Although these are basic tips, it will help users to improve their reach and help them in connecting with others.

LinkedIn Community-Focused Feed Optimization
Photo: Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images

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